Conservatories are a lovely addition to your home, not only does it look great and is very practical as it can be used for relaxing, family gatherings, a study area or much more, but it also adds value to your property regardless of whether you are looking to sell the property. However before committing to such a large purchase you should first consider all the pros and cons, as the last thing you want to do is dive into it and then a few weeks later realise it wasn’t quite what you seemed and you now have unexpected bills to pay.

We wil explain all the pros and cons of installing a conservatory:


Adds values

This is a no brainer, conservatories can add value to your property. Your house is more than likely going t one the most expensive purchase you make in your whole life so you should do all you can to increase its value and look after it.

Extra room

A conservatory can add much needed space to your home. Families are always growing and more space is needed to socialise and play so this can be an alternative to having to completely move properties which can be costly and time consuming.

Looks Fantastic

This is the main reason for getting a conservatory is that they look fantastic and add an extra aesthetic quality to your home that it didn’t have before. Even though conservatories have been around for a while they are not so common that every home has one, so you can still stand out from the other houses on your street by having one.

Long Lasting

Modern technologies, building supplies and standards mean that the majority of conservatory companies offer a minimum of 10 year guarantees for both materials and workmanship. This is because they can usually last many decades with minimal maintenance, so maintaing your conservatory will not take a lot of time or hassle.



Conservatories are not cheap. The average price starts at around 10k so you should go into this knowing that serious money will have to be invested and custom add ons depending on t he type of glass and materials will increase the price quickly

Planning permission

Depending on the size and position it is installed on your home, planning permission may be required. This can be time consuming and confusing for the average homeowner who has to fill in many forms and pay extra fees to get their plans approved. most reputable companies will help you through the planning permission minefield to ensure that you get your plans approved.

Rogue traders

This can be a tricky area, because there are so many companies offering services and promises it can be difficult to choose a company to carry out the work. The best way to choose the best companies is through referrals and recommendations form other people who have got great results.Online reviews can also be a great way to get an unbiased option about a company.


You should be aware that there will be other costs other than the actual building of the conservatory. For instance blinds can be very costly so you should allocate some of your budget to this because if you don’t you will end up overspending because blinds are an essential addition for your conservatory